Resters United

Projet réalisé dans le cadre du post-master Collective Practice Research Course, dirigé par Grégory Castéra, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Finlande.
Projet collectif à partir d'une proposition de Julia Morandeira Arrizabalaga et Werker Collective

A collective performance Sunday 30th to Monday 31st May 2021.
It starts at 4 p.m. with an online performance, it continues after dinner, all night long, with a lot of near-nothingness. It is a scenography for a long discussion about resting and the right to rest. It's a reading group, a screening group, a tasting group… and it lasts until dawn. There are no program to communicate. You can come and attend a lecture or hear texts being read, maybe there will be nothing. It will be slow and stretched. It can be muddy and evasive. You may lie down and fall asleep in front of the screen. Come, join and fall. It ends reading and hearing theory about rest while awakening and having breakfast.
Starting from the Julia Morandeira & Werker Collective's commission entitled ""The Right to Rest"", the CPRC group (Salomé Burstein, Nicolas Couturier, Tony Karlsson Savci, Alen Ksoll, Natalia Skoczylas, Nik Timková) has developed several surveys on resting accessories of capitalism, political dimension of lullabies, descriptions of rest practices, memories and places.
Far from the standardized forms of injunctions to uniform sleep, we want to open here ways of resting and making it a public subject. We want to share a collective time for discussions and rests as a common good.
During the research, we crossed the practices of various groups of resters who work on collective nap situations as a political condition. We thus hope to pursue their objectives as well as Julia Morandeira & Werker Collective's, to ""approach sleep as a political condition, through the collective mapping of images, issues and structures that intersect it. In doing so, we hope to conceive of forms of solidarity and organization of workers capable of countering the state of forced exhaustion in which we are plunged. ""